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1. Does your YouTube To MP3 Converter support downloading video? Not only MP3?

Certainly. Don't be fooled by its name. Although the software is called YouTube To MP3, it also supports downloading videos from YouTube. All the video formats of YouTube are supported. You can choose from the lowest 3GP quality to the highest FULL HD quality. Technically, our software is a general YouTube Downloader with an integrated powerful YouTube video/audio converter that powered by FFMPEG, (which is the most famous open source video player/converter on the planet). Our YouTube To MP3 firstly downloads the YouTube video you select, then in the second step it converts/extracts MP3 from the movie automatically. So, if you would like to use YouTube To MP3 as a YouTube Video Downloader, just keep the 'delete video after converting' button unchecked or switch to the 'video' page.

2. I want to use some online websites to download YouTube Video.

We recommended you to use our software to download/convert YouTube videos/music. Compare to those online web services that allow you to download MP3 from YouTube, our YouTube To MP3 has the following advantages:
1) First of all, it is much faster. Our YouTube To MP3 connects to and downloads YouTube video directly from your local computer. On the contrary, online websites need firstly download video from to their websites, and then in the second stage, allow you to download the video from their sites. Obviously, they need an extra downloading step than our downloader/converter. 
2) Our YouTube To MP3 software is more stable. How many times do you submit the downloading request to the online sites, wait for the progress bar completing, but result in no response at 80% progress?
3) You can choose any formats that available on YouTube with our converter, not only the simple two 'low', 'high' choices on those online YouTube downloading sites. 
4) Many online YouTube download sites are full of ADs while our software is clean.

3. Quick reference on YouTube Formats Table:

  • 3GP
    3GP 176 x 144 stereo 8KHz
    3GP 176 x 144 mono 22KHz

  • NQ - Normal Quality
    FLV 320 x 240 mono 22KHz MP3
    FLV 320 x 240 mono 44KHz MP3
    FLV 320 x 240 stereo 44KHz MP3

  • HQ - High Quality
    FLV 480 x 360 mono 44KHz MP3
    FLV 640 x 380 stereo 44KHz MP3
    MP4 480 x 360 stereo 44KHz AAC H.264

  • HD - High Definition
    MP4 1280 x 720 stereo 44KHz AAC H.264

  • Full HD - Full High Definition
    MP4 1920 x 1080 stereo 44KHz AAC H.264

4. Feature List:

  • Download/Convert both videos and music (MP3/AAC) from YouTube. Support all qualities that available on YouTube.
  • Automatically find/download/convert the highest quality music/video that available on
  • Extract the video title to use it as the saved file name.
  • Small, simple and keep powerful.


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